About Us
About Us

YAMUNA Play School provides children with a nurturing environment that supports the developing child, emphasizes positive self-esteem and teaches respect for themselves and each individual. Our program offers children the opportunity for imaginative play, individual choice as well as group activities designed to help children develop feelings of competency and independence in a whole child focused environment.

It is our belief that the Young children’s developmental tasks are designed to build trust, learn social skills, construct their knowledge of the physical and social world, and develop positive self esteem. These tasks are best supported by our program which provides developmentally appropriate activities, well trained and consistent staff, and a safe, healthy and challenging learning environment.

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Our Vision

We believe that learning is a continuous and lifelong process. Every child achieves it at his or her own pace. The child’s ability to learn and grow is unique and special. We ensure that we provide each child with proper guidance to grow in his/her own way, in a mutually accepting and nurturing setting.

Our Mission

To create an institution which fosters strong skills and everlasting passion for learning as the child grows and imbibes in a dynamic and challenging environment

Our Curriculum

A high-quality, systematic playgroup Extra Curricular Activities is critical to prepare children for formal schooling. Our in-house curriculum focuses on all facets of a child’s growth and development including Abacus, Chess, Classic Dance, Vocalmusic and Keyboard classes, art and craft, Phonics and story telling, Spoken english and hindi, Drawing and painting, Hindi Tuition, Silambam and Karate and Yoga. For this the School offers an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and full of love which helps in bringing out happy and healthy children.

Our Infrastructure

There is a large classroom with lots of space to move around. It is a very attractive room, with interesting pictures. Everything is specially designed for the child. The chairs and tables are randomly arranged and not in rows facing the teacher. The classrooms are hygienic and air-conditioned for the comfort of your child. We also maintain a healthy child – teacher ratio, thereby ensuring more care and individual attention to the child.

Our Teachers

We believe that a teacher's skill plays a strong role in influencing the child's power to grasp and learn concepts. At Pebbles Pre School, we train the teachers in the best possible way and ensure that they are completely prepared for their responsibilities. In addition to their educational qualifications and training, we ensure that the teachers are warm and caring in their approach. The teachers are ably assisted by support staff. Regular in-service training is conducted and information about the latest trends in early childhood education and care are imparted as well.

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