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Principal Message

Dear Parents,

Demo We congratulate you for taking a concious decision of providing qualitative education with sanskars based on Indian culture and human values, to your ward through Khushboo Educational Society run Foliage Public School.

We believe in developing mind, building character and creating community. Our goal is to develop child's social skills with high peer-to-peer iteraction, including the discipline of attending a school regularly, helping a child acquire basic knowledge of subjects like English and arithmatic, developing the child's motor skills through constant iteraction with peers, play activities and educational exercises. As a prospective student, you are welcome to explore options that may be available to you in our various academic programmes and please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

May all your achievements transform you to become a means to restore dignity to the person, to give the undivided reasons for living and to lead each person to the fullness of life.

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